Global Ethanol Outlook Report

​Report Detail

The Report covers 23 markets and presents a detailed outlook for ethanol prices (both 1st and 2nd generation), production costs & margins and supply/demand to 2030.   

It concludes by drawing together the key strategic conclusions that will impact on the ethanol market going forward. 

This Includes:
  • The Outlook for Ethanol Production by Feedstock
  • The Prospects for Crop-Based and Waste/Cellulosic Ethanol Supply/Demand
  • The Outlook for Ethanol Profitability
  • The Potential for Competing Gasoline Substitutes, Such as Bio-Butanol and Methanol
  • Potential Synergies Between 1st and 2nd Generation Ethanol
  • The Outlook for the Impact of Increasing Market Share of Electric Vehicles on Gasoline and Ethanol Demand

Country Coverage

Asia: China, India Thailand, Philippines, Japan
Americas: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Peru, USA, Paraguay, Mexico
Europe: EU-28, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, UK
Other: Australia


Part 1:    Biofuels Policy

Part 2:    Production Costs 

Part 3:    Global Ethanol Demand/Supply

Part 4:    Global Ethanol Demand/Supply - Downside Risks

Part 5:    Price Dynamics and Outlook

Part 6:    Strategic Conclusions

Subscribers also receive LMC’s Ethanol Forecasting Model in Excel. For each country the Model presents ethanol demand and price forecasts based on different GDP and policy scenarios as well as alternative crude oil prices to 2030.

For a more detailed description download the brochure.


By subscribing to this service, you will receive:

  • The Ethanol Report 
  • Executive Summary
  • LMC Ethanol Forecasting Model in Excel
  • PowerPoint Presentation of the Report's Key Findings
  • Access to Senior LMC Staff to Discuss and Interpret the Report Findings

For more information or to subscribe to the study, contact our biofuels experts or download the brochure.  




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