LMC’s expertise in Bio-Based Chemicals and materials has developed organically over the past decade as a natural progression from our upstream capabilities. 

Certainly, combined with our team of chemical specialists, LMC’s unrivalled expertise in upstream agricultural raw materials and their waste products offers our clients a unique vantage point along the bio-based chemicals value chain.

Much of our work in this area is opportunity analysis, identifying targets globally which offer the greatest economic potential in terms of feedstocks, applications markets, market entry, growth, price, supply volumes and end-user needs analysis.

We maintain a comprehensive global database of bio-based chemical companies as well as their plant status, geographies, technologies, feedstocks, off-take strategies, partnerships, ownership/investment and, naturally, their target chemicals. Additionally, we have applied our first generation fermentation experience to benchmark the price potential for a future, biomass-derived cellulosic sugar value chain and marketplace.

Our expertise extends to a wide range of end-use markets and applications: energy and fuels, health and personal care, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, plastics and materials, lubricants, automotive, coatings, resins, solvents, surfactants, packaging and wider industrial applications.

Product Coverage Includes, But is Not Limited to:

  • C6 Glucose and C6/C5 Cellulosic Sugar Supply and Production Costs
  • Polymers, Such as PLA, PBS, PEF, PP, PE, PET, Poly(3-HP) and PHAs
  • Acids, For Example Succinic, Adipic, Lactic, Levulinic, Acrylic, Glucaric, Itaconic etc.
  • Alcohols, Including Methanol, Ethanol, Butanol, MEG, Diols (BDO and HDO) and Polyols
  • Glycerine Derivatives, Including Epichlorohydrin, Propylene Glycol and Methanol Amongst a Myriad of Further Products
  • Oleochemicals, i.e. C8-C18 Fatty Acids and Fatty Alcohols, Their Individual Fractions, MCTs and Their Surfactant Derivatives
  • Others, Such as Erucic Acid, FDCA, Isoprene, THF, (Poly)Butadiene, Adiponitrile, Caprolactam, Polyurethanes, Ethylene Oxide and Nylon 6,6

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