Sugar and HFS Production Costs - Global Benchmarking - 2017 Report

LMC’s global cost benchmarking service delivers production costs for sugar and high fructose syrup that can be compared directly across the world’s producing countries.

Report detail

The cost service presents:

Comparative production costs for 61 countries producing raw cane sugar, 35 countries producing beet sugar and 18 countries producing HFS (high fructose syrup, from maize/corn and from wheat).
  • Cost of production estimates up to and including 2016/17 (2017/18 cost estimates will be added during the course of the year)
  • Production costs divided into field and factory operations
  • Costs further broken down into their labour, fuel/chemical and capital cost components and split between cash and non-cash costs
  • For the 10 major sugar industries (47 separate growing areas), field costs divided into planting, cultivation, and harvesting/loading/haulage
  • For the leading cane and beet industries, separate factory cost estimates based on the cane/beet price paid to farmers
  • Costs with and without a return on capital employed
  • Free-on-board (fobbing) costs in selected countries
  • Analysis of the impact of exchange rate movements, yields and wage rates upon cost competitiveness

Costs are updated each quarter to take into account the latest developments.


The LMC Cost Database includes:

Cane sugar production costs
  • Cane sugar production data, nominal and real (inflation adjusted)
  • Sensitivity analysis of costs
  • Cane sugar production data
  • Cane fobbing costs

Beet sugar production costs
  • Beet sugar production costs, nominal and real (inflation adjusted)
  • Sensitivity analysis of costs
  • Beet sugar production data
  • Beet fobbing costs

HFS production costs
  • HFS 42 and HFS 55 production costs, nominal and real (inflation adjusted)
  • Sensitivity analysis of costs
  • HFS production data
  • Annual report

The Annual Report comprises:

Section 1 developments in sugar & HFS production costs
Section 2 Country cost profiles
Section 3 Regional cost profiles
Section 4 HFS cost profiles
Cost methodology

For a more detailed description of the contents of this service download the brochure 


You will receive:

LMC cost database
Quarterly updates of (annual) costs – Excel pivot tables, four sets each year – online

Annual report
Profiles of each of the major producing regions and top producing countries




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