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Global Markets for Starch Products

LMC's annual market intelligence and forecasting service presents production, trade and consumption of starches, syrups and fermentation products. >more

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Sugar and HFS Production Costs - Global Benchmarking

LMC’s global benchmarking service delivers production costs for sugar and high fructose syrup that you can compare directly across the world’s producing countries. It provides field and factory costs for each country, as well as freight and port costs incurred when exporting to the world market. >more

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Benchmarking Costs of Starches, Syrups & Ethanol

This new service enables subscribers to benchmark the cost of producing a broad range of starches, syrups and ethanol. It does this across 5 carbohydrate sources and 18 countries and provides forecasts to 2030. It therefore enables subscribers to benchmark their operations against their competitors. It also enables you to assess the financials of a new investment. >more

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Global Markets for Low Calorie & Caloric Sweeteners: 2016 Database

Analysis of the demand for low calorie and caloric sweeteners around the world. Subscribers receive an Excel database of consumption for 2010-2020 for the most important sweeteners and end-use applications globally and in major markets, plus a review of market developments. LMC’s forecasts take into account the changes in food guidelines and the impact of new product launches. >more

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Starch & Fermentation Analysis

LMC's monthly Starch & Fermentation Analysis provides a unique analysis of the starch and fermentation product industries. Key statistical and economic indicators from North America, Europe and Asia — essential in a global and increasingly integrated industry, but not available elsewhere — are presented.



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