LMC will be attending and making a number of keynote presentations at international conferences in the coming months. Use our interactive map to find out when we will be attending conferences or presenting near you, or see full details by region in the list below by clicking on the green arrows.

Cocoa Market Outlook 2016, 27 September, London
Gerard Stapleton, Head of Coffee, Cocoa and Natural Rubber
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7th International Conference "Oilseeds & Oils 2016", 28-29 September 2016, Barcelona, Spain
Joseph Feyertag, Economist - Oilseeds
Lan Chen, Senior Research Economist
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The European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology and the Bioeconomy, 18-20 October 2016, Glasgow, Scotland
Dr Sarah Hickingbottom, Consultant/Business Development
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Cropworld Global 2016, 24-25 October 2016, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Dr James Fry, Chairman
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StarchWorld Europe, 24-25 October, Vienna, Austria
Martin Todd, Managing Director
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19th Annual F.O Licht's World Ethanol & Biofuels, 7-10 November 2016, Brussels, Belgium
Rohaise Low, Research Economist - Biofuels
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Tire Technology Expo 2017, 14 February 2017, Hannover, Germany
Rob Simmons, Director - Coffee, Cocoa & Rubber
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Palm Oil Trade Fair & Seminar, 12-13 October 2016, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Dr James Fry, Chairman
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Global Meat Congress, 3-4 December 2016, Dubai
David Jackson, Director - Oilseeds
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Pakistan Edible Oils Conference (PEOC), 20 January 2017, Karachi, Pakistan
Dr James Fry, Chairman
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Dubai Sugar Conference, 11-14 February 2017, Dubai, UAE
Martin Todd, Managing Director
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North America
ICIS Pan American Oleochemicals Conference, 11-12 October, Miami, USA
Dr Caroline Midgely, Director - Biofuels​
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