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Oilseeds, Oils and Oleochemicals: Coverage, Reports & Consulting Services

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Alternatives to Cocoa Butter 2017

LMC's new report gives the outlook for CBEs, CBSs and exotic fats in the global chocolate market over the next ten years. >more

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Glycerine (Glycerol) Report

Glycerine’s supply demand balance has been volatile ever since the tsunami of biodiesel-derived volumes transformed its marketplace. LMC has been assessing this ‘see-saw’ for years, supported by our comprehensive understanding and forecasting of glycerine’s supply sources. In LMC’s new Glycerine Report, we consolidate our expertise in feedstocks, oleochemicals and biodiesel, as well glycerine’s fragmented end-uses, to ask if glycerine can regain its status as a valuable co-product? Or remain a burden based on volatility? >more

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Oil Palm Service: Indonesia & Malaysia

This quarterly service forecasts palm oil production by individual region in Indonesia and Malaysia up to 2 years ahead. It presents consistent and reliable data from 2000-2015 with forecasts for 2016 and 2017. These production forecasts take into account the age profiles of the trees, plantings/re-plantings, underlying yield growth, biological cycles and the impact of rainfall on yields. >more

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Aquafeed to 2025: Securing the feed for rising seafood production

LMC’s new global report provides detailed analysis of the evolution of the aquaculture and aquafeed sector over the next ten years, in the light of the increases in fishmeal prices that have led to rapid growth in alternative feed ingredients. The study projects the growth in farmed fish, by species – globally and by region – and in demand for fishmeal and a range of substitute aquafeed products, such as soy protein concentrates, vital wheat gluten, and corn gluten meal.

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Oil Palm Sustainability Report & News Updates

LMC’s new Oil Palm Sustainability Report provides companies with a convenient means of understanding current trends in oil palm sustainability and certification.

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Oleochemicals Report

Global economic growth has weakened and crude oil remains relatively cheap, yet natural oleochemical raw materials have persisted with high price points. LMC’s 2016 Oleochemicals Report asks when natural oleochemical prices and margins might recover? And what can the industry do to accelerate recovery? >more

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Oil Palm Plantation Company Benchmarking Service

LMC’s new quarterly report presents key technical and cost performance benchmarks by plantation company in both Malaysia and Indonesia. >more

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Oilseeds & Oils Report

The LMC Oilseeds & Oils 2016 Report is the latest in our series analysing the key developments and trends in the global oilseeds market over both the short and long term. >more

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Oils Price View

The new monthly report, LMC’s Oils Price View, presents price forecasts and market analysis on the global vegetable oil market.
Each issue examines the latest market developments and presents price forecasts for each of the major vegetable oils. >more


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