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Outlook for Natural & Synthetic Rubbers

September 2017: Despite concerns over flooding in Thailand affecting natural rubber supply, the underlying fundamentals still show a market surplus. However, the collapse of prices in recent years has led to a reduction in plantings, with implications for future supply.

Meanwhile, as the automotive industry endeavours to reduce emissions, increase electrification and improve performance, the demands placed on the synthetic rubber industry are changing. The market is seeing rapid growth in enhanced/functionalised sSBR and nd-polybutadiene rubber used in the tread compounds of light vehicle tyres, improving both rolling resistance and grip. New capacity is being added to address this growing sSBR demand.

It is necessary for industry participants to understand the key issues facing natural and synthetic rubber supply, where it will come from and which producers are most at risk. LMC’s Outlook for Natural and Synthetic Rubbers provides an in-depth breakdown of the key issues affecting growth in an industry under pressure. Click here for more details.


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