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Oilseeds & Oils Report

April 2017: Powerful trends suggest that the oilseeds sector is moving from oils into a “protein decade” with rising demand for meat and therefore for feed and protein crops.

To evaluate the likely evolution of these trends, LMC has just completed the latest in its series of annual reports on the global oilseeds and oils sector. Weather disruptions caused by El Niño have reduced South East Asian palm oil production for the first time in over two decades. This has squeezed the gap between prices for palm and other vegetable oils, making competition even more fierce. Looking forward, rising demand for meat will increase the demand for protein crops. What will that mean for prices and the balance between different oilseeds?

LMC's report evaluates market developments and provides detailed information that affects your mid to long-term strategies. The in-depth data and analysis cover the most important metrics for soy, palm/palm kernel, rape & sunflower, including production costs, supply & demand, and price forecasts through 2030. Click here for more details.


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