LMC has over thirty years of experience in analysing the major agricultural commodities and their down stream markets, including the food ingredient sector. We analyse all of the major food ingredients including: vegetable oils, sugars and sweeteners (caloric and intense), grains, starch and its by-products, coffee, cocoa and its products, and shea butter. Our ability to work throughout the supply chain, enables us to build unique forecasts for pricing, supply and demand, and provides an independent view of how markets are likely to change.

In addition to the major food ingredients, we have also undertaken a number of studies into smaller food ingredient markets including: fruit and nuts, yeast, vitamins, fish oils, essential oils, GM products, and food additives, among others.

For example, we have undertaken consultancy on the global pulses market (dry peas, chick peas, lentils, fava beans). This work has included market balances, trends in consumption distinguishing between food and feed end uses and forecasts of each sector.

This body of research, together with our extensive network of industry contacts, allows us to respond to a range of requests, and we can undertake confidential consultancy assignments at all levels, from a detailed analysis of a niche market, to a broader brush overview of a whole sector. We can provide the information as telephone consultations, board-level presentations and brainstorming events, and full written reports.

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