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Bio-Based Chemicals and Oleochemicals: Coverage, Reports & Consulting Services

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Glycerine Report

Glycerine’s supply demand balance has been volatile ever since the tsunami of biodiesel-derived volumes transformed its marketplace. LMC has been assessing this ‘see-saw’ for years, supported by our comprehensive understanding and forecasting of glycerine’s supply sources. In LMC’s new Glycerine Report, we consolidate our expertise in feedstocks, oleochemicals and biodiesel, as well glycerine’s fragmented end-uses, to ask if glycerine can regain its status as a valuable co-product? Or remain a burden based on volatility? >more

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Oleochemicals Report

Global economic growth has weakened and crude oil remains relatively cheap, yet natural oleochemical raw materials have persisted with high price points. LMC’s 2016 Oleochemicals Report asks when natural oleochemical prices and margins might recover? And what can the industry do to accelerate recovery? >more

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Second Generation Bio-Based Chemicals & Fuels

As bio-based chemicals and fuels industries look to move away from first generation, food-based raw materials, this new report evaluates the prospects for second generation feedstocks over the next decade. Will there be sufficient, reliable supply at competitive prices? >more

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The Global Market for Industrial Ethanol

The global market for industrial ethanol – as opposed to fuel and potable ethanol – is an important and well established sector. But it is poorly documented and data that does exist is fragmented and inconsistent. This report addresses the issue and provides clear data and analysis for the industry. >more


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