Oleochemicals Report

LMC’s 2017 Oleochemicals Report asks if the industry is profitable in a world of cheap crude oil. Raw material prices remain favourable for synthetic fatty alcohols and we consider how this dynamic will evolve in coming months as the palm sector recovers from El Nino. Can palm producers boost palm kernel oil output sufficiently to make it competitive with ethylene?

Widely regarded as the industry benchmark, LMC’s 2017 Oleochemicals Report delivers expert analysis of fatty acid and fatty alcohol supply and demand, trade, prices, market dynamics, capacities, raw materials, volume forecasts and sustainability / palm certification. Price forecasts to 2030 are given for raw materials, fatty acids (including short chain fatty acids), fatty alcohols and glycerine. New for this year is an assessment of oleochemical production costs and profitability.

The report’s conclusions provide a firm basis for determining stakeholder strategy and investment along the oleochemical value chain.


The main report is divided into 8 sections:

Section 1 Raw materials: supply, demand and price
Section 2 Sustainability and certification along the oleochemical value chain
Section 3 Fatty acids: capacities, demand/supply, trade and markets
Section 4 Fatty alcohols: capacities, demand/supply, trade and markets
Section 5 Prices and forecasts: fatty acids, fatty alcohols and glycerine
Section 6 Production costs: fatty acids and fatty alcohols
Section 7 Analysis of oleochemical profitability

The Executive Summary delivers LMC’s key findings, conclusions, opportunities and risks.

For a more detailed description of the contents of each section, please download the brochure.


You will receive:

Executive Summary Key findings and strategic recommendations

Main Report 200 pages of analysis, tables and diagrams

PowerPoint Presentation Key findings in a slidebank format for use in internal meetings

LMC Consultation One full day of consulting by senior LMC staff to interpret or discuss the report’s findings

For more information, or to subscribe to the study, contact our oleochemicals experts or download the brochure.




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